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Getting cow comfort with the most used cow bed in the world.
Mayo Mats are by far the best selling and most successful stall bed in the world.

Greater cow comfort guaranteed for up to ten years means a higher milk yield.

Mayo Mats can be used on milk decks as a hygienic and comfortable padding for your cows' feet.
A Mayo Mat will properly cushion a cows weight as she moves across its surface.

Mayo Mats are the most used cow beds in the world for the simple reason that they are they are the absolute best in cow comfort. These stall mats have a unique design that gives them the three most sought-after traits for cow mats: Non-Absorbent, Non-Slippery, and Non-Abrasive.

The Mayo Mat is made up of millions of tiny closed-air cells that contract and expand as pressure is added and removed. This design gives them two unique advantages over rubber mats or cow mattresses: The Mayo Mat will not permanently compress and harden the way a mattress might, and it will never absorb liquid. In fact, this design has given the Mayo Mat such strength that we can guarantee that it will maintain these traits without change for an incredible ten years.

The mats are also non-abrasive. This means that, unlike rubber cow beds, they will not pull at the hairs on a cow and create hock sores and calluses. Instead, these soft cow mats will bend beneath the pressure points of a cow, cushioning her joints and bones. Meanwhile, the mat's top is smooth enough that her skin and hair can move comfortably across the surface without causing any damage. .

While the Mayo Mat is smooth enough to eliminate hock sores from a herd, it is also, incredibly, non-slippery. In fact, we are so certain of this that we will actually guarantee in writing that no cow will ever slip on a Mayo Mat.

When it comes to cow comfort, choosing the right cow bed is critical for increasing milk production and decreasing somatic cell counts.

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~Mayo Mats – cow comfort magic~

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